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, of american workers. slapping a trade complaint against the chinese for jacking up prices on u.s. cars. he takes a political whack at mitt romney in the process. reminding voters that there's a big difference between outsourcer in chief and commander in chief! >> i want good ships around the world stamped with "made in america." >> obama: my experience has been in saving the american auto industry and as long as i'm president, that's what i'm going to be doing. waking up every single day thinking about how we can create more jobs for your families and more security for your communities. >> jennifer: all right. that's president obama in ohio today. announcing a trade complaint against china. the u.s. sells about 92,000 cars a year to china. made in the u.s., sold in china worth about $3.3 billion. so president obama's action is in response to these harsh tariffs that the chinese imposed on cars like jeeps and cadillacs which jack up their cost by as much as 22%. when products get more expensive, obviously there's less d
romney and the koch brothers. but by using this pretension of voter fraud and the weapon of voter id laws in particular the republicans, remember, the party of catherine harris and hanging chad's and bush v. gore the republicans are systemastically snatching away people's rights. as benjamin today. jealous said as head of the naacf, our democracy is literally under attack from within. there is no battle that is more important or urgent than the battle to preserve the battles for democracy, itself. our right to vote is the right upon which our ability to defend every other right is leveraged. and he is exactly right. all right. coming up we are going to hear about the battle in pennsylvania where 760,000 people could be blocked from voting. you are not going to miss this story. you may need a drink because you are going to get very angry. it's next, and it's only in the war room. the real world and politics collide on "the gavin newsom show". this week: can a futurist really predict the future? find out on "the gavin newsom show". only on current tv. right by t
showing of the "dark knight rises," the newest batman movie, a can gunman using assault weapons killed at least 12 people and injured at least 59 others. brandy hit has the latest from aurora. >> the screams in terror weren't a reaction to the action happening on screen, but from the hail of bullets fired bay rampaging gunman. >> and you just kept hearing it. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the gunman first tossed what appeared to be a smoke grenade. >> all i kept thinking if i stand up he is going to shoot, and i was trying to think how am i going to get my kids out of there. >> reporter: some movie goinger were confused. >> i see a guy right next to me -- a gentlemen getting shot when i realize this is not part of the movie. >> reporter: jennifer said the gunman was dressed like a s.w.a.t. team member. >> he engineered up shooting people behind me and the bullet casing were on my forehead. >> reporter: james holmes the respect was arrested as he left the theater. >> he was apprehended with three weapons in the car. >> reporter: according to one police firm, holmes
. coming up. >> tonight in the war renal, the thirst for the answer that continues to elude us. perhaps the truly shocking thing is that we are no longer shocked, as scenes like those in aurora play out over and over and over again. and as some questions begin to get answered the biggest one as always goes begging: how do we prevent this from happening again? how do we stand up to a gun lobby that considers itself immune from responsibility. and a congress that grants its every wish. now when it happens again. sdmrven tonight in the wake of the tragic shooting in aurora. the preventing gun laws nra the other entity is wall street. that's right. wall street financiers are behind efforts to loosen gun control laws despite popular support for tighter regulation. frank luntz found that 85%, 85% of non-nra members think that more should be done to close the gun show loophole. the poll was entitled: we can do more to top criminals from getting guns. closing it got nine nra members to agree. nra members, themselves, by 69% think that the gun show loop hole, as o
for answers. but surprise, surprise no one got back to us. we really want governor romney or a spokesperson to be on this show. but absent that, i have penned an open letter to mitt romney and i want to share it with you: dear mitt: let me begin by saying ed gillespie is not helping. retired retroactively. what does that even mean? so let's admit it. you were making untold sums working at bain during your so-called retroactive retirement. i am sure the rest of america wouldn't have minded your kind of retroactive retirement but that's beside the point. here is the latest news: today, the huffington post mitt reports that you were on the 2001 post-1999, 2001 management committees of at least a couple of bain companies. >> that's the management committee committee, not the completely uninvolved committee not the retired committee and, mitt, you earned a salary in 19 -- post-1999 of at least $100,000 from each of four bain companies as an executive. not as an investor. as an executive, someone who executes. now, since your name and title was
is required to keep us safe. the only reason to have an armor piercing bullet is to go through a bullet resisting vest. the only people who wear bullet resisting vests are police officers. when we hear shots we runaway. they run towards it. >> jennifer: today mayor bloomberg called for political action quote the two candidates are back to politics as usual. if not now when is the time for them to outline their solutio to gun violence? the very sad fact is that it is not gone gonna happen. politicians from both parties seem to be speaking with now is not the time to discuss the gun control line. even senator chuck schumer who led the weapons bans effort in 1994 said there wasn't much point in trying to reinstate it. take a listen. >> i hope it would be an effect. but we see what is in the house. we see the power of the nra around here. >> jennifer: the sad truth is the nra has never been more powerful. it controls republicans, democrats, it even controls our scientific institution. for example, when the cdc found that guns are dangerous oh, controversial, the gun lobby mobilized and got
was not involved in outsourcing u.s. jobs overseas. which calls into question why anyone would believe a single word this guy says! mitt, mitt mitt! it is all starting to catch up with you. >> what a president believes matters. mitt romney's companies were pioneers in outsourcing u.s. jobs to low-wage countries. he supports tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. president obama believes in insourcing. he fought to save the u.s. auto industry. and favors tax cuts for companies that bring jobs home. outsourcing versus insourcing. it matters. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> so as you can imagine the romney campaign is going appear president-electic after seeing the new swing state ad. bain is not going away. romney campaign spokeswoman amanda heninberg says the obama campaign tries to mislead voters with ads that independent fact checkers have proven to be false. really? amanda? do you really want to go there? so romney claims that he basically left bain in february of 1999. that h
. >> mitt romney has used every trick in the book. romney admits that over the last two years, he's paid less than 15% in taxes on $43 million in income. makes you wonder if some years he paid any taxes at all. >> jennifer: joining me now is david cay johnston, the pulitzer prize winning journalist who covered the tax code for more than a decade for "the new york times." he's a columnist for reuters david, thank you so much for being inside "the war room." >> thank you for having me. >> jennifer: you bet. let me start with that, the inference from that action d more generally. there is a record number of high income earners who pay no federal income tax. how does that work? how do rich people avoid paying taxes. i'm assuming they're rich people. >> well $200,000 puts you in the top 3%. people avoid paying taxes by having losses that they can take, by paying taxes to foreign governments that they deduct dollar for dollar against the u.s. we don't know exactly how the 35,000 people do this and by the way, six of th
and for those of us who don't follow the horse, what happens? are there rounds of competition. or what happens? >> i have to tell you this is ann's sport. she will get the chance to see it. i will not be watching the event. >> this is ann's sport. i don't know anything about dressage. what a supportive husband. he might have said she might bring home the gold medal for the united states instead of tucking his tail between his legs. >> i don't think he was necessarily running away from the story. i think it was probably more of a gallop than anything. has it occur to anybody that the only reason he is in england right now, out of all times he could have gone is so they could do the olympics for their horse and nobody would talk about it too much. the whole notion that this is his wife's thing is baloney. there is audiotape of him bragging about the times of horses he and ann have -- >> right. >> when she was talking to sean hannity. this is all mitt romney trying to look less afeet than he is. if this was john kerry the media would not stop talking about it. i think that
to have that debate. michael sandel, beautiful book. worth reading. thank you again. join us some other jennifer granholm. >> jennifer: i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in "the war room," hey mitt, when are you coming clean on your taxes? mitt romney still backed into a corner. shielding himself from tax questions, bain attacks and outsourcing charges. the man has run for senator governor president after campaigning for almost 20 years will mitt romney finally come clean or will he try to point in another direction any direction? >> celebrating success instead of attacking and denigrating makes america strong. that's the right course for this country. >> jennifer: mitt. it didn't work then. it won't work now. we'll take down more of romney's secrets and lies tonight in "the war room." >> jennifer: the crowd at president obama's rally in san antonio, texas today had a message for his opponent yelling "show us your taxes"! and as we've reported, it is not just democrats. there is a growing chorus of republicans cla
, and they have refused caterpillar's us offer, and they have been striking since may 1st. here is the cherry on top. last year, caterpillar's chairman, which you just saw, got an $11 million bonus on top of his $6 million salary. chairman are you out there? because if you are i really have an idea that i think could end the standoff. instead of the workers taking a pay freeze you could sacrifice just a bit of your own pay, give every one of the workers a cost of living adjustment, plus keep their health care copays as they are, give them a $5,000 bonus and you know what? you personally would still have $10 million left over just for you. $10 million for you. that would end the strike. why wouldn't y'all agree to that? >> well, to answer that question, i'm going to drive deeper into the story with steven greenhouse he is the "new york times" labor and workplace reporter. he has been all over the caterpillar story and a whole bunch of other labor stories in america. he comes to us tonight from new york. thank you for joining us and welcome inside "the war room." >> thank
that is an inconvenient truth. are you surprised? well, you shouldn't be. in fact, coming to us tonight from washington to discuss the policy and the politics behind president obama's new tax cut proposal is dean baker, the co-director for the scepter of economic and policy research. dean, welcome back inside the war room. >> thanks for having me on. >> you bet. so is there any chance this proposal passing congress before the -- before the election? >> well, it's very very hard to see the republican house pass it. i mean, clearly their strategy is, you know say no to everything and, you know, governor romney made it clear, he wants to make a big deal out of the fact that president obama wants to raise taxes on the richest two % of the company. my guess is from president obama's standpoint, that's a great place to draw the line, you know, but it looks, for the moment at least, that's where the line is going to be from the republicans' own choosing. >> i totally love this fight. i love the contrast from a political junky's point of view. but on the policy side, you
-american families. nor any middle class families for that matter. tell us how cutting income tax rates for the wealthiest is going to help most african-americans. or voter i.d. laws, mitt, your silence on that mattered before the naacp when they're focusing on that is deafening. especially back in april you sided with pennsylvania republicans who wanted to disenfranchise voters. and you say you want to end obama-care, which as today's boos may have indicated is actually really popular with african-americans. among other things ending obama-care would make it harder for black women who are most likely to die from breast cancer than white women it makes it more difficult for them to get free screenings. let's be honest, mitt. i know that's hard for you but today's naacp appearance was not really an attempt to win over black voters. this is an attempt to make yourself look more either inclusive to independents, but perhaps more importantly this was an attempt to get fox news some video of angry black people booing at you. and that is today's not-so-secret lie. coming to us from houston th
? >> relax, mitt. this isn't about you. besides, you are basically with us on this one. now, this is about republican governors and congressmen threatening to deny healthcare coverage to millions of americans for no other reason than it's an election year. do you want to play politics? fine. let's play politics. >> the best thing we can do is get help people get good-paying jobs. >> that's louisiana governor bobby jindal who has vowed not to implement the now officially constitutional affordable care act. and, of course, he is not alone. according to think progress 10 republican governors, a group i am calling the governos are refusing to expand medicaid as called for in the affordable care act by failing to sign on, these governos will deny healthcare coverage to about 3 and a half million people and forfeit billions of dollars and they all claim they can't afford to do it. but here an inconvenient truth that they don't want you to know: the federal government will pay for 100% of the medicaid expansion costs for the first three years, and af
as breathing. but it got us all thinking about the times that romney has flip-flopped and it would certainly take more than the time left in the show to recap all of the flip-flops so we just got some of the biggies, for example, let's begin with abortion in 2002. romney said that he would protect a woman's right to choose and then five years later, he called for roe v. wade, he called it destructive, row -- roe v. wade. as a candidate, he claimed he had done all he could do to block gay marriage. in 1994, he voiced support for keeping minimum wage at pace with inflation. 12 years later he said to do so would hurt the very poor. and then he said he was independent during president reagan's term. independent. but now he says that ronald reagan is his hero! after saying he didn't want to fight in the vietnam war romney later claimed he longed to be there. and then there was this nugget yesterday. when he contradicted his top aide who said that obama care's individual mandate was a penalty, not a tax. so we're add
mental health services. they are going to cut them even this this this this >> as a result the u.s. federal government's creditworthiness downgraded and increased insecurity because of a failure to want to even sit down and try to work something out in a reasonable manner. >> that's irresponsible on the part of republicans. >> i think you are totally right but the most vocal part of the debate, at least what seems to be catching all of the attention being uttered from republicans seems to be talk about the defense side. let's take a license. >> people in congress ought to be able to come together and agree on a plan a balanced approach that reduces the deficit and keeps our military strong strong. it should be done. >> that's the president saying we should be strong. we know the cuts to services for the vulnerable are not likely to be blocked. those cuts will probably take effect by republicans. but can they restore cuts to the military without undoing the deal totally? >> well, see, that's the interesting point. you've just highlighted. republicans agr
in the war room, go get them joe. >> he wants you to show your papers, but he won't show us his. >> well, there it is in a nutshell. dems pound mitt romney on voter id and for refusing to release his tax returns. but not all is well on the democratic side of the campaign front. >> not just republicans voting to repeal obama care. we will find democrats. he is right. these depressedmen are among the democrats expected to bake ranks on tomorrow's health care vote. et tu larry? >> >>. >> if we have learned one thing from this, congress for the president to push through his agenda, he has to have a majority in both the house and the senate. he has to occupy the manhattan. he doesn't have a majority. it doesn't guarantee because there are democrats that are voting against their own party and joining with republicans when they do things like vote 33 times to repeal health care reform 33 times. tomorrow, congressmen are going to vote on repealing the health care reform law for the 33rd time. we all know it's all theater but some democrats seem to be playing the
adamantly opposes the palestinian state and said that the u.s. should not increase aid to the palestinian states. and he could not have been more pleased at the speech. take a listen. >> any thoughts on the speech. >> yes, i liked it. >> he added 1 trillion-dollar in his campaign in the three days that he was in israel. but romney did not stop insult insulting palestinian culture. he added this controversial statement about jerusalem. take a listen. >> a nation has the capacity to choose it's own capitol city, and jerusalem is israel's capitol. the embassy would be in the capitol. >> it's really delicate because palestinians also consider jerusalem their capitol. and u.s. presidents have generally left this to the negotiating process. so mitt's words are sure to inflame tension there is. why would he say it? it could be a play for the evangelical voters that he needs to win over. michelle bachmann, for example wants the u.s. to recognize jerusalem as israel's undivided capitol. these numbers shows why the voters are so important to mitt. one in four white evangelicals say that they're unc
that. and joining us now is mayor greg stanton. welcome inside "the war room." >> happy to be here. >> tell everybody what would those massive and automatic spending cut mean for the city of phoenix. >> i'm the mayor of a city that is digging out from underneath a recession, we are heading in the right direction, and if this sequestration goes into effect if republicans and democrats can't reach agreement and compromise and come to an balanced approach we will go back into recession. that's how bad this is. this is not inside the beltway chatter. for folks like me that represent main street america, i'm a mayor, and i care about jobs and this will devastate my city and community. so i am demanding that republicans and democrats don't wait until november. get together now, reach compromise. do what we used to laud fight the good fight but then reach compromise. that's called statesmanship. they are putting our economy and this country potentially back into recession if they can't get their act together. >> mayors are so great because they are on the ground just
to an u.s. airport recently? they are dreadful! they're dreadful compared to european airports, the same is true of bridges highways and open spaces. that would make america more competitive and create jobs. the second thing i would do-- >> jennifer: yeah, i wanted to stop you there on the investment aspect of it. the investment in infrastructure is something that people have said a lot. it used to be a favorite of republicans. we have a political stalemate. we just did get a transportation bill in congress. do you think there is a structure that could be crafted that would be appealing to both sides of the aisle to see a significant investment in infrastructure infrastructure bank, something specifically that would get this off the dime to do more than just maintenance? >> well, they have talked about an infrastructure bank. i think that's a great idea. i think there is some public-private partnerships that you could craft around infrastructure investment. but it does really depend governor, on whether both sides really want to play ball. i think the lesson of the last presidential term
, but then others have followed up and said, family lor. tell us who the family told you. >> let's set the stage for the people who have not followed this so closely. who cares about whether did be when his family came over? what's the critical difference between -- about the date? >> matters because if he came after 1959, it gives you straightstreet cred because castro took over. everyone saw that scene in the godfather. new year's day. people who came prior to that don't have that same sort of inclusion. >> they came prior and he has been known in the cuban community as somebody who has stood up to castro base upon his family's experience and that seemed to be a fabrication in some way? >> as a young politician on the rise, it certainly helped him. >> are there other things in this book that might surprise the rom anything else team? >> one thing he will very long to answer if he was to be named is to the republican party. he used it for thousands and thousands of dollars. >> what? >> personal expenses silly things like movie tickets, like wine at a wine shop nea
to us tonight from washington. both of their publications have been all over this story. thank you both for being insideshowinsidethe war room. >> thank you for having us. >> your paper fact checker section has been pretty adamant. but despite your story, they believe mitt romney has done nothing wrong. do you know whether they are giving the issue a second look now? i know they haven't talked about this document i'm looking at. do you know whether they're looking harder at it? >> well, this is something that's going to continue to be deliberated on over the course of the next few days here. anytime you're talking about a business, particularly an investment company like bain capital, there is all kinds of documentation. we've seen that documents continue to come out. i think on some level here, though, we're discussing what the definition of the word "is" is. the fact is that the obama campaign wants to attack mitt romney on what happened at bain between 1999 and 2002, and now they've got documents that say he was still the head of bain between those years. so whether he had an active
and allies to the right. david, welcome inside the "war room," coming to us from washington, d.c. >> thanks for something us on. >> it's been a busy week with the antics of fox news as every week probably, but how can fox get away with calling itself a news organization when, really, it is a propaganda arm of the republican party? >> yeah, well, what we've seen over the past few years really since president obama came into our office that fox has morphed from a conservative network to what you're saying which is a propaganda arm of the republican party. what this recent controversy shows over the misquotation of president obama and you just showed the full context, is that fox is really running the show. fox starts the chain of misinformation, and then the republicans follow along. so what happened here was picking up off a wrong post, fox decides for two solid days to run with this story. they did 42 segments, by our count, filling more than 2 hours of air time. so they drove this thing two days before mitt romney picks it up. then mitt romney picks it up. this is a case study in how this
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give your kids a better life. so that's what led us to long island. >> jennifer: do you think that there is, having done this, a lack of empathy and/or policy for the long-term unemployed? >> well, i think there is a general mischaracterization. it's so easy to fall in to. i would admit that i have done it at times, you know, saying they are lazy, they are not looking for work, they are moochers, they are freeloaders. you know just to kind of ignore it, or put them down. and what we found was people who, it's not only the financial hardship, but the psychological toll is unbelievable really. i have to admit, i was shocked. >> jennifer: so i want -- i am going to play another clip from the documentary, take a listen. >> i can't go without insurance especially now. it's just not right. like i have been working since i am 15, straight through all the years. i never used those benefits. you know, like i worked hard for those benefits, now i am 50 years old and i can't get them. i am broke. i am freaking poor. i am ba
loans, and thousands of dollars in contracts from the us navy and coast guard. it's okay the help may not always be millions in loans or contracts or bailout money. it may be as simple as roads or electricity or highly-trained workers, and that's the point the president was trying to make. everyone in america gets help building their business or raising their familiar list or living their lives and you know what? it's a good thing. we're a community after all. it doesn't retract from your independent spirit mr. gilchrist if you use america's roads. i'm proud that i contributes in some small way to pay for the new hampshire interstate. it doesn't mean you aren't a rugged individualist. you are still a live free or die entrepreneur. it's okay to get a low-interest government loan too. we want you to succeed. that's not demonizing you. that's offering help in the same way i know you have helped others. no need to twist the president's words to make it sound diabolical. that's just stupid really. we are -- we are proudly one nation under god indivisible, and that's wh
zengerle, thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> that's "viewpoint" for tonight. stay tuned to enter "the war room" with jennifer grandholm. >>> i'm jennifer grandholm. tonight in "the war room," the worst combination since mitt romney add the truth. ♪ >> guns, and money. it's like tea and biscuits for the nra, and bank robbers like them too. but who is filling the gun lobbiest's coffers. >> it's all part of a massive obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intention to destroy the second amendment. >> private equity and shady private equity at that is dumping millions of dollars a year into the nra, which dumps millions into the political system. guns and money, meet angry and motivated. ♪ >>> as the nation picks up the pieces following the tragic shooting in aurora last week there are renewed calls for tighter gun-control regulation even from gun owners themselves. a new poll out today from republican pollster frank luntz shows that 71% of nra members believe people on the terrorist watch list should not h
. thank you for joining us inside "the war room." >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> you bet. the president and mitt romney took a step back from politics today, but new york's mayor had no qualms about speaking out on gun control. >> smoothing wores are nice but maybe it's time that the two people who want to be president of the united states stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it. because this is obviously a problem across the country. no matter where you stand on the second amendment and guns we have a right to hear from both of them concretely. not just in generalities specifically what are they going to do about guns? >> will gun control now be a presidential issue? >> sadly probably not. because the candidates probably won't differ much in their position. and that is a huge missed opportunity because it is completely out of sync with the voters. both of these candidates will end up fighting this fall over independent women voters. and independent women voters want to ban semi automatic assault weapons. and you don't need anything t
to eagerly voluntarily weapon over backwards to raise curriculum standards. how? by using the incentive of a $4.5 billion pot of federal money, and making the states compete for it. $4.5 million. that's almost a rounding error in the federal judgment. the countries' education landscape changed all at the state level. for years, for decades, the fight over raising education curriculum standards was at a standstill. but suddenly in one fell swoop the battles were over because of the race to the top. let's have a jobs version of the race to the stop. a national competition among states to create 1 million jobs in three years. here's how it could work. you launch a competition to boost sectors. for example clean energy, life sciences or advanced manufacturing. and you reward the states that propose the most effective, the most aggressive strategies and policies for job creation in those sectors including public-private partnerships. you define the effectiveness the winners will be effective if they can show how many lasting jobs can be created quickly. for example, let's say the competition
people like us would talk about her and visit her facebook page and she would get invited on fox and right wing shows more often. i notice glenn beck is standing up for her. >> jennifer: exactly. we'll talk about that later in the show. you had another column out that said that the polls are really painting a dark picture for the president. we've been covering that a little bit on the show today. weak economic numbers driving swing voters to favor romney. from your perspective is there anything the obama camp should be doing to hold on to the swing voters? >> well, i think that they have to turn to talking about romney's plans for the country and what his tax plans would do. and what his support of the ryan budget would do. >> jennifer: going beyond bain. >> i'm not saying drop bain necessarily. i think the drumbeat on romney's tax returns should be kept alive and that pressure should be kept up. but i think you can make this two-pronged argument with regard to the tax plan and other things that romney has signed on
and the bain attacks may not be working. can someone anyone, throw us a lifeline? >> we've given all the people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life. >> clearly, we people need to quit horsen around and get serious about this election! [alarm ringing] >> wake up! wake up, wake up, wake up! up you wake, up you wake! >> jennifer: progressives, just like samuel l. jackson did in the spike lee film, do the right thing i'm calling you to wake the heck up. many of you assume that everybody thinks like we do so maybe you decide you don't have to get active because obviously the president's going to win or maybe you don't like one of his policies so you're going to protest by sitting this election out. let me tell you sitting it out is going to make you an accomplice in electing president romney. last night i interviewed jill stein, the presidential candidate for the green party on the show. i confess right now, i should have asked her to just get out of the race. now don't
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a minute, come back ! um, miss ? up here! right. like 85% of us you have hard water stains and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, you need something powerful. you need lime-a-way. it's 4 times more effective at removing limescale than the leading bathroom cleaner. because lime-a-way is specially formulated to conquer hard water stains. for lime, calcium and rust... lime-a-way is a must. vanguard: the documentary series that redefined tv journalism. >>we're going to places where few others are going. >>it doesn't get anymore real than this. >>occupy! >>the award winning series "vanguard" only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: obviously we talk a lot about mitt romney and president obama on this campaign, on this program. but there are other candidates in the race. and the green party is now on the ballot in 21 states, including battlegrounds like colorado, florida, and ohio. the green party plans to be on 45 ballots by the fall election. this weekend the party selected it's candidate dr. jill stein from massachusetts. she actually lost her bid
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